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  • Type: High Rise
  • Status: Announced
Marina Golden Bay
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Developer:Global Top Group Company
Total Buildings:3
Total Floors:51
Total units:600
Expected Completion: 4Q 2022
Introducing the newest, the very first iconic landmark in Central Pattaya. The magnificent, most unique luxury condominium design you have never seen before in Thailand. This project will begin to breathe new life into the structure, transforming the city into a world class luxury condominiums. Marina Golden Bay in Pattaya is uniquely designed to be included with the other iconic buildings in the world and gives you the opportunity to own a world class property.

Global Top Group Company, the leading property developer for over 35 years of experience nationwide. Awarded as “Best Luxury Condominium Developments” (Eastern Seaboard) proudly presents to you our very own “MARINA GOLDEN BAY’ in Central Pattaya. The biggest and newest project in town, with the land area of 14.5 rai which is equivalent to 6 football field combined. Featuring 3 magnificent towers that will rise with 51 floors each, infinity edge pool on the 27th floor that offers you the most spectacular city view and sea view, beautiful landscape amid scenic garden including the 8 relaxing sky garden balconies which can be used as common areas exclusively for the property owners. The Sky Lounge Bar & Restaurant on 51st floor allows you have a glimpse of heaven on earth. Part of Marina Golden Bay is the luxurious hotel and the shopping mall complex which will serve as the base of these 3 enormous buildings


3 minutes from the golden sands of Pattaya, a LAVISH & AMBITIOUS new project is set to breathe new life into the city center as its first World-Class Luxury Condominium & Commercial Complex. Exemplary design and unheard of suite of features ensure a balance of comfortable residence and profitability.

• Iconic:

• Landmark:
SPARKLING LANDMARK visible from anywhere in the city, your guide to opulence.

• Design:
BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE, the 3 towers (Victoria, Geneva & Elya) are designed to look like the full sails of a boat…your wonderful voyage to Pattaya.

• Restaurant:
THE HIGHEST IN PATTAYA!! Each tower has an extravagant “Sky” Restaurant & Lounge on the 51st floor to indulge your tastes with three separate themes.

• Commercial Area:
LUXURY HOTEL & SHOPPING MALL as well as shops with onsite services for the convenience of our patrons and visitors

• Grounds Pools:
WATERPARK with 6 POOLS, a Children’s Playground and Gardens occupy the immense Grounds of Marina Golden Bay

• Sky Gardens:
TRANQUILITY & COMFORT defines the projects’ lush Sky Gardens. Each tower includes 9 such viewing areas to unwind & relax after the day’s activity.

• Infinity Sky Pool:
PANORAMIC SWEEPING VISTAS from the 60meter Sky pool on the 27th floor of each tower.

• Convenience:
JUST MINUTES from all main roads, the entire Pattaya region is within easy reach. Positioned directly on the routes of coming infrastructure improvements, this is sure to be one of the city’s pre-eminent projects. Book Now for the best choices!!

• Rental management:
EASY TURNKEY solution to maximize your profitability and protect your investment in your absence

• After-Sales Service:
READY with the best after sales service in the city, your complete satisfaction is our concern. We are here for you.




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