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Tenant’s guide

Tenant’s guide

If you decide to spend your vacation in Thailand, or going to spend six months here together with your family, or this is your first visit in order to get acquainted with the country and to assess the possibilities of life here – then it will be a good choice is to rent a property.

As a rule, the cost of rented housing will be lower than the cost of accommodation in a hotel of the same class. We will be happy to help you with the choice of options and assist on getting internet and other essentials for you.

We have all kinds of rental units for either long-term (6 months and above), short-term (1 to 6 months) and holiday rentals (with charge per night). Different types of rent (by term) imply slightly different approach in the search and registration of the transaction, and may have a slightly different price.

Long-term rental

Rental for staying of more than six months is the most economical way to accommodate for such period (if you do not want to buy your own home), because every hotel will costing you a pretty penny.

First Step. For a start, work with our online database (or come to our office, where you can communicate directly with a consultant), and pre-select a few options that you are interested in.

Second Step. On the basis of your pre-selection, we will make arrangements to view the properties.

Third Step. If you do not need immediate occupancy, you can reserve a property by paying (or transferring) a security deposit. The deposit amount usually starts from 3 thousand baht and will vary depending upon the particular property (overall price, high popularity options, season, etc.). Upon receipt of the deposit reservation we give (or e-mail) confirming receipt of payment. This provides a deposit guarantee that the property will no longer be offered for a stated period. If after this period you decide that you do not want the property, the deposit would usually be forfeit as the owner of the property would have turned down other potential clients whilst waiting for you. Generally the usual rule here is upon moving into your rental home, you will need to pay a 2 month security deposit and the 1st month’s rent in advance. Upon completion of your rental contract, the security deposit will be refunded after settlement of utility bills and repairs of damage that may have occurred during your stay.

Fourth Step. Before receiving the keys and settlement you sign a lease, pay your stay a month in advance and make a security deposit (of course, the sum will includes the already paid amount of the reservation). Security deposit is a necessary condition of the lease and returned after the end of the lease. In case of violation of the lease terms (for example, in case of loss or damage to property), the required amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Please note that you will need to discuss in advance the possibility of smoking in rented premises and the right to keep pets. Most condominiums in Thailand pets are not allowed, while in rented private homes such a restriction is not as common.

Short-term and holiday rentals

In this case there are exactly the same principles (selection, booking, deposit insurance) that are applied for a long-term lease, but there is one big difference: you do not wish to spend a few days (or even a week) of your short-term vacation for personal inspection of all the options. Most likely you will make your choice at your home (not in Thailand), and we give you such an opportunity. All you need is send us online request for selected apartment(s) or house(s). We shall then contact the owners, check the availability of the property in the planned time frame and will be ready to answer any additional questions. You can make bookings in advance, using a variety of payment mechanisms (card payment, PayPal, WesternUnion and so on).