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Owner's guide

Owners's guide

If you have a property for sale in Thailand, it is likely that you are already familiar with the legal aspects of the ownership of land, condo or house. The only thing we advise to pay attention are taxes that must be paid at registration of title to the new owner. Note, that if you just assign your rights to a contract for an apartment which is still under construction (before transferring property rights in the Land Department on your name), the procedure will not require a visit to the Land office and will not have to pay any government taxes, but will need to change your name in the contract with the seller (developer). However, it is possible that you will need to close some financial obligations to the developer, which is determined by the specific terms of the contract with the developer.

Here are some recommendations from our side:

  1. First you have to select a professional real estate broker. You should choose a broker with good experience and knowledge of the local market (and a large database) on the secondary market with many potential buyers also registered with them. Note that the main specialization of agencies in Pattaya (and most tourist areas of Thailand) are new development projects (rather than secondary market). Pattaya Realty is one of the few exceptions with extensive experience and one of the largest databases of resale properties.
  2. Price. The rule of the market is simple: the lower price relative to market average, the quicker you can find a buyer. But please don’t think that the agent’s main goal is to push you to get minimum selling price. Therefore, we recommend, firstly, to make independent evaluation of the market prices (via internet), and secondly, to listen to the advice of experts.
  3. If you are working with several agencies, make sure the price is consistent amongst them. Internet is available not only to you but also to your potential customers, and they will be a bit surprised to see the different prices in different places for the same property. Such a variation in prices could cause a reasonable suspicion that ‘something is wrong’, or the property is not quite ‘clean’ or property is not good and has been on the market for a long period. Keep in mind that some unscrupulous agencies can add their own margin, so keep track of the price of your property with the agencies with whom you work.
  4. Any marketing specialist will tell you that "Packaging" is the basis of success in the market. If you want to sell a wonderful house or an apartment, but online buyer sees small and blurry photographs with cluttered interiors –what are the chances that this ad will attract a potential buyer’s attention? Your task is to prepare a multimedia presentation of your apartment or house with the most complete content (not limited to three illegible photos, but included a full picture portfolio, and even better, 3D-tour and / or video, to make your property look as attractive as possible. In this case, we recommend sellers to invest a little in ‘Advertising’ and get the most effective results. To make a successful sale it is better when photos are present "Better reality" than vice versa! A situation where a number of buyers, motivated by a nice advertising, will be disappointed during a live visit is definitely better than not attracting any potential buyers at all!
  5. We urge you to respect the business ethics and promptly inform all agencies with whom you work, in case of withdrawal of your property from the market for whatever reason.

So, if you decide to sell your apartment or house through our agency, just contact us so as we can begin working together towards a successful sale!

After receiving your request:

  • We will send one of our associates to visit your property and perform a complete property listing. This includes taking free promotional photos (if you do not have a professional portfolio) for publication on our website and various property publications so as to give your property maximum exposure.
  • We will provide a free valuation using our extensive knowledge of the Pattaya real estate market.
  • We will enter information about your object in our database, it will then appear on our site.
  • We will place information about your property on other online and offline resources (internet portals, newspapers, magazines, etc.), as well as in our busy city center office window.
  • We will update our listings every 3 months to ensure that we keep abreast of current property prices.
  • We maintain an extensive client database that enables us to match your property with current buyers at the touch of a button. This facilitates both buyers and sellers but ultimately gets your property sold fast!

For landlords.

If you want to receive income from rental of your property, there are several options.

Long-term lease. The easiest option. Just find tenants for a year and hopefully you won’t have too much to worry about! General requirements are for the property to be furnished, electrics and plumbing in good working (and safe) order, kitchen appliances and air conditioners etc, other equipment for day to day living is negotiated prior to signing a contract.

Short-term rentals (from one to six months). A slightly busier option as tenants are changing more frequently. General requirements are a little higher as the property needs to have bed linen and kitchenware, internet, TV service etc.

Holiday rentals. This is the busiest option, but, at the same time can be the most profitable. First, in determining the value of property for rent, the total value of thirty days of such lease will always be higher than the average monthly cost of housing in this class. Second, if the house or apartment is located in the "right" location, the booking rate is the highest. However, not every owner wants his property almost turned into a hotel. Of course, such housing must be equipped entirely as you would find in a hotel or other self catering property right up to the toilet paper or dishwashing detergents. In addition, this type of rental should be exclusive to one agency, otherwise it will be impossible to implement online booking and check in check out procedures.

Our agency is ready to cooperate with you on any selected option, for this you just can contact us.