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Greetings and welcome to Pattaya Realty!

Over the past 20 years we have witnessed many changes in Pattaya and the Eastern seaboard property market, giving us extensive knowledge and experience which we can share with you.

It is now easier than ever to search for properties and get all the details you need to find that perfect new home or condominium in Pattaya and the surrounding areas.

Dealing in property and land can involve a long hard decision making process and we are here to help. Please have a look around the website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can be of assistance.

Good luck!

Stuart Daly
Managing Director


At a glance, it is simple enough: someone wants to sell, someone wants to buy. But generally, it is as not as easy in real life, especially abroad! You must be able to decide what type of property is best for you and the best location for you. We are able to give you both histories of areas and properties and give you an idea of what to expect in future as we have been here in Pattaya for 20 years and have seen its expansion over this period.
Pattaya Realty is a British managed company. We understand what international clients are looking for here in Thailand with regards to quality and making sure their investments are sound. We speak Thai, English, Chinese and Russian, but we always speak the same language.
We strive to keep all information on the website as relevant and as up to date as possible. Our centralized database allows us to manage our listings efficiently and accurately. Currently there are more than ten thousand records, of which about five thousand are available online on the website. This is one of the largest independent databases in the region.
When the real estate broker says that "We are always on the client’s side" - The question arises: who is your client? Buyer? Seller? We are always on the side of truth. We will not hide pitfalls or early warning of potential problems. The world is not perfect. But we will always do our best to help you to optimize your decision. This is what shapes our reputation.
You have bought a property. What's next? Every-day life comes with unplanned and unexpected problems. We will help you to solve them too. Broken air conditioner? Garden or pool care? Renovation work? We'll give you all the help you need!

Pattaya Realty Co., Ltd was established in 2001 making us one of the first real estate companies in Pattaya and on the Eastern seaboard.

Our English and Thai speaking staff are fully trained to a high standard to provide you with the very best service. Helping you make effective decisions whether you are a property buyer, property seller, or property investor. We can provide you with details for houses, condos, land and even business opportunities on the Eastern seaboard.

Today in Pattaya there are many new construction projects and new developments. Therefore most real estate agencies portfolio consist of just completed or developing projects. Of course, all of these properties can be found here. However, we believe that the right real estate agency is one that is also able to cover the secondary market. We have gained tremendous experience and a huge database of properties in the secondary market, where you can find no less interesting, often much cheaper options (sometimes at a price lower than the developer offers).

Due to an increased demand in commercial property enquiries, in particular hotels, shops, offices, factories, bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Pattaya, Jomtien and Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, a new company was formed in 2012 dedicated entirely to providing the owners who have entrusted us with their commercial/business properties to us over the years, an even higher level service and exposure of their commercial real estate than before and to ease the path for those looking to invest in commercial or industrial property here on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand.

We do not affiliate our company with any one single Pattaya or Eastern Seaboard property developer. This allows us to concentrate on the client on an individual basis whether buying, selling or renting property, or investing.

Dealing in property and land can involve long hard decision making process. Lots of questions and queries and unknowns may have to be answered prior to signing contracts. That's why here at Pattaya Realty we will ask you key questions so as to assist you with your decision. Using this method we can simplify this process for you and you get the results you want!

All the above is the result of providing more than 20 years in real estate trading and property management services. We hope to maintain this reputation through continued marketing of our properties, training, monitored performance results in sales, rentals, and ultimately gaining positive feedback from satisfied clients.


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