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Property maintenance

Our service company — Pattaya Realty Property Maintenance is ready to assist you in different aspects of home improvment and maintenance: house renovation, pool & garden maintenance, general maintenance & repair jobs and so on.

Buyer's guide

All about buying an apartment or house in Thailand. Registration procedure, potential pitfalls, tips and tricks.

Tenant's guide

This section is available for information about renting an apartment or house in Thailand. Booking procedure, tips and tricks.

Owner's guide

If you are the owner or landlord - this page is useful to you. How to prepare your property for sale or rent. Instructions for placing ads on Pattaya Realty. Legal aspects.

Pattaya property guide by districts

As a world-class resort, Pattaya is not deprived of attention on the Internet. Therefore, in this article we will not repeat the well-known tourist information and try to describe Pattaya City and its sub districts from the property-related angle.

Why you still need a real estate agent

Of course, it is difficult to expect that the real estate agency will write in its blog that you really don’t need their services! Just like any seller or developer will never say that their proposal is not the most beautiful, that in fact it is a long way to the beach, that the timing of the construction will be extended and that right in front of your window a new skyscraper will be going up soon! However we will try to overcome this bias and present our arguments very briefly below.

New and not so. The problem of choice.

It is no secret that the cost per square metre in a new project, especially if you buy it on construction stage, will always be less than that of apartment with similar quality and characteristics on the secondary market. It would seem that it is a great opportunity to gain more metres for the same money. However, not all is so simple.