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The Infini Pattaya, East Pattaya
The Infini Pattaya
Modern Luxury Style Pool villa

Single house in type of Pool villa "Modern Luxury New Iconic Architecture" style designed to meet all dimensions of your unlimited needs. To be the most perfect new choice of living, complete with EXCLUSIVE LIVING functionality. Living in private, only 19 units on an area of more than 5 rais Smart home system inside the house, allows you to control various systems inside the house by your fingertips. Such as electric lighting, air conditioning, automatic garage door systems and spacial with electric charging systems of electric vehicle installed along with the house. We use the main power cable system buried underground on the road within the project, so there are no electric poles in front of the house. Therefore, you are appreciated the project's scenery in 360 degrees.

Each house in the project we provide swimming pool, spa salt system is safe for health does not cause allergic reactions. As for the interior of the house, we consider the open air with natural light, focus on energy saving, and Double Ceiling Height helps the house to be airy with a hall ceiling height of more than 8 meters. The house is dividing utilize area and offers peace of mind with security and CCTV system around the project, truly fulfilling your life, living and happiness on a comfortable vacation.

The project is located on the potential location of Pattaya City, near the market and near shooping center, nearby international school. Access in many ways from Pattaya City and new mortorway. You can easily go to all destinations including tourist spots in and out of Pattaya city.
The Infini Pattaya, East Pattaya