Patta Village (Восточная Паттайя)

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Patta Village
ОТ 2 300 000 THB — ДО 12 000 000 THB
Застройщик: The Poom Patta
Район: Восточная Паттайя
Всего корпусов: 205
Всего этажей: 1-2
Every detail is made for a functional living, outstanding in its uniqueness of Simply Modern Contemporary style, which focuses on modernity and simplicity. Feel the touch of pure nature, rejuvenate absolutely happiness for today’s families.

Dreamed houses, Simple charm in a modern contemporary style that perfectly unites together magnificence and function catering to all lifestyles in the tranquility of nature, full facilities, quality social life, yet with convenience of location near heart of the city and suits all lifestyles. Patta Village “the place you can call home.”

Affordable luxurious residence. Versatility in travel to Bangkok–Pattaya.
Relax with green shades. Allow yourself to enjoy more outdoor activities for your perfect lifestyle.
- Club House, swimming pool, fitness and sauna.
- Feel safe with 24-hour security.
- The location has ample access to the new road, opposite the Sports Stadium, only 5 minutes from Pattaya. Convenient and fast connection to Motor Way, as well as easy to drive to Bangkok.

The Outstanding simple modern- style home which built to be suited all lifestyles. Surrounded by greenery and beautiful nature, where a recreation ground lets you enjoy various activities that suit your lifestyle. The utility space and function are created for your smooth everyday living. Look no further for your answer of perfect house.

Experience our 4 new home styles which suit all life styles.



Спален Санузлов Этаж Площадь (кв.м) Цена Подробнее
HS7763-HR7814332008 000 000 THB
HS9102342307 500 000 THB
HS9717337 500 000 THB
HS10908-HR10909343007 000 000 THB
HR14394332000 THB
HS116914410 000 000 THB


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