Baan Plai Haad (Вонг Амат, Паттайя)

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Baan Plai Haad
ОТ 3 900 000 THB — ДО 15 000 000 THB
Застройщик: Sansiri
Район: Вонг Амат, Паттайя
Всего корпусов: 2
Всего этажей: A=31, B=7
Работы завершены: 1 кв. 2015
Всего квартир: 353 квартиры в 2 корпусах
Newest condominium by Sansiri in the best location of Pattaya, Wong Amat Beach.
A huge swimming pool surrounded by lush greens. An infinity sky pool that makes you feel part of the sea.
A fitness centre with a view that takes you far beyond.
A rooftop partydeck that opens up to 360 degrees of happiness.
Jacuzzi with a sea view.
Every detail designed to bring you close to nature.

From the custom nearly beachfront Jacuzzi, or a walk to the beach on a private pathway, this facility will bring you to the edge of tranquility and relaxation. This condominium is a thirty-one story tall tower with an additional separate 7 story building design that houses 353 total units. The interior design offers one, two or three bedroom units each with a luxurious view of the tranquil surroundings, with many on site amenities such as lush tropical gardens, custom swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and his/her steam rooms - every owner will be extremely content and also benefit from an amazing view in each room.

Project Detail:
  • Land Area: 4-2-78 Rai
  • Project Type: 31-Storey 1 building, 7-Storey 1 building
  • Total Unit : 353 Units

Unit Type:
  • 1 Bed 1 Bath 40-55 sq m
  • 2 Bed 2 Bath 68 sq m
  • 2 Bed 2 Bath 67.50 - 89.50 sq m
  • 3 Bed 3 Bath 117.50 sq m
  • 3 Bed 3 Bath 144 - 154 sq m

  • Lobby
  • Swimming pool
  • Exercise room with equipment
  • Garden
  • Steam rooms (Male / Female)
  • Wireless internet available at facility floor and lobby

  • 24-hour security by Guard Service
  • 24-hour CCTV
  • Parking space



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