Acqua Condominium (Джомтьен, Паттайя)

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Acqua Condominium
ОТ 2 100 000 THB — ДО 6 300 000 THB
Застройщик: The Urban Property
Район: Джомтьен, Паттайя
Всего корпусов: 2
Начало работ: 2 кв. 2012
Всего этажей: 8
Работы завершены: 2015
Всего квартир: 309
Acqua Condominium is designed on elegant concept, stunning with unique designed building expressing Modern simplicity Resort. We realize on a quality, modern and private society with only 309 units to full fill all lifestyles for every family. With perfect functions, it's designed to complete interior and exterior space surrounded by seaside ambiance to response multi - fun activities.

This architecture is created by our team who was awarded by the Best High-rise Architecture Thailand 2010; you're assured that Acqua Condominium is the best answer for absolutely perfect living. 

Acqua Condominium is located on Jomtien beach between soi 8 and 9. We right behind the Panchale Condominium. It is strategically nestled on the best location on Jomtien beach that offers privacy and simplicity, linking to all destinations and responding to unrivalled lifestyles with shopping, dining, and relaxing spots. Situated by the sea, Acqua Condominium has 2 easy accesses within a short time. Your lifestyle is much easier, and doesn't miss any important activities even on working days or holidays.
Acqua Condominium, having stunningly elegant and modern designs, features 2 buildings of 8 - storey with 309 units, designed with complete functions on the total land area nearly 4 Rai on Pattaya seaside, perfect and ideal for all lifestyles. Our Studio room features a large front yard and an open air-bedroom, next to living and all function can be altered to response to your functional needs.

Acqua Condominium, a quality society under "Volume Space Design", is created to offer more green space surrounded by natural atmosphere around the project. Moreover, it comes with modern facilities, fulfilling all spaces with happiness and relaxation such as public area, open air library, Yoka room, fitness room, sauna room, special sky park and sky garden where provide you pure ozone and panoramic 360° view of Jomtien beach as well as CCTV and key card system for security 24 hrs.

This project uses only high quality materials for building strength and durability. Specially, the main entrance is elegantly designed as a 5 star-hotel for utterly luxurious and exclusive residence.

Acqua Condominium exclusively built by the professional property developer in Thailand, offers an ideal residence for every lifestyle and comfort. Beneficially, owners who need to rent out units to make profits and income, we offer after sales service and property management by our expert team to manage units both for sales and rentals.

With the developer's expertise and experience, Aqua Condominium is absolutely a quality and renowned project as our previous successful projects, The Urban Pattaya and The Gallery Condominium.

 Acqua Condominium present 2 building of 8-storey with 309 units, designed with complete functions on the total land area nearly 4 rai on pattaya seaside. The unit start from the studio size 34.5 Sqm one bedroom size 40 Sqm. two bedroom size 79 Sqm. Now we start pre-sale the tower B first. Promotion
1. Fist 50 units get free furniture set.
2. Price start 1.39 Million baht 



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