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Baan Balina 4
Продажа: от
Застройщик:Baan Pattaya
Район:East Jomtien - Huay Yai
Всего корпусов:67
Спальни:3 bd, 4 bd, 5 bd
Начало работ: 2015

The community sits on approximately 52,800 square meters. The main street, including the sidewalks, are 12 meters wide. There is a beautiful lawn area, swimming pool, and clubhouse located in the center of the community, easily accessible from each of the private walled residences. The community has its electricity all wired underground, and a 24-hour security system.

Baan balina 4 is a community of only 67 private plots of land. The project was designed to provide homeowners with a vacation-like lifestyle.

Baan Balina 4 still embraces all the features of the original Baan Balina, like private swimming pools that can be seen from almost every room in the house. Homes at Baan Balina 4 come on larger plots of land, allowing more space for gardening and trees. Baan Balina 4 also will be complimented with a club house, fitness room, swimming pool, and garden.

Standard materials and specification used in Baan Balina 4 project.


  • Foundation: Mat Foundation.
  • Post & Lintel: Reinforced concrete.
  • Post & Lintel: Reinforced concrete.
  • Wall: Brick and mortar.


  1. Roof structure: Steel roof structure with anti-rust enamel coated, Galvanized steel purlin.
  2. Roof Tile: Terracotta roof tile (Adobe Brown)
  3. Eaves: Fiber cement board (CONWOOD or equal).


  • Indoor: Granitto tile 60cm x 60cm.
  • Bedroom: Laminated wood flooring.
  • Bathroom: Ceramic tile slip-resistant.
  • Terrace: Terracotta tile or Ceramic tile 8"X8".
  • Laundry: Ceramic tile.
  • Garage: Ceramic tile Pyrogres 4.5" x 9".


  • Wall: Brick and mortar with paint.
  • Bathroom: Brick and mortar with Ceramic tile.


  • Indoor: Painted aluminium foil backed gypsum board.
  • Bathroom: Painted moisture-proof gypsum board.
  • Outdoor: Fiber cement board (CONWOOD or equal).
  • Garage: Painted moisture-proof gypsum board.

Doors & windows

  • Sliding doors & windows: Aluminium frame with clear green-tinted glass 6mm.
  • Bedroom/ Bathroom/ Kitchen door & Entrance gate: Hard wood frame & Solid Teak Wood door.

Sanitary ware

  • Bathroom: COTTO or equal. (White color)


  • Electricity: In-wall pipeline. Cable (YASAKI, Bangkok cable or equal). Equipment (BTICINO or equal).
  • Lighting: Down Light.
  • TV cable: In-wall pipeline.
  • Telephone cable: In-wall pipeline.

Sewerage system

  • Waste water system: Sewer Piping to Grease trap-Saptic tank and outside public sewage system. Grease Trap (cement tank) 30 cm. x30 cm.
  • Treatment system: Septic Tank ( 1,000 Liters) at least 2 tanks. (depends on house type)

Water System

  • Water tank: Underground water tank 1,600 - 2,000 Litres. Automatic pump. (MITSUBISHI)

Termite Colony Elimination

  • Termite Colony Elimination System: Use chemical before building concrete floor. Chemical Piping (PE.) for surrounding.


  • Security system: 24 hrs. guards.


  • Wall/ fence: Painted Cement Blocks. ( 2m. height.)