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Mountain Village 2
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Developer:Mabe development Co.,Ltd
Location:Bang Saray
Total Buildings:33
Rooms:2 bd, 3 bd, 4 bd, 5 bd
Construction Starts: 3Q 2014
Expected Completion: 3Q 2016

Dreams Come True!

Have you ever could imagine that you can become the owner of the aristocratic villa, located in the prestigious area of ​​Pattaya? And can admire the amazing sunsets against the backdrop of palms; enjoy the glow of perfect lakes and majestic views of the Golden Buddha mountains? Imagine as close to your comfortable and stylish house will be azure sea with the best beach in South-East Asia? Certainly, such prospects can’t fail to excite the imagination of a man with good taste and affluence.

When buying a cottage in the village of Mountain-village, you get not only a great property premium, but also all the surrounding beauty that gets absolutely free! For your choice of 33 magnificent buildings prepared with modern technical equipment, it blends in with the surrounding landscape. All cottages are created on the basis of individual projects of architect, each of which brought its own flavor to the appearance and layout of the internal spaces.

One of the most exclusive areas of Pattaya wonder is the«Silver Lake", it is one of the most beautiful stretches of natural water reservoirs in Thailand. This area is decorated with vineyards, and has been selected for the construction of luxury villas, which merged harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. There is the world-famous Tropical park Nong Nooch, walk along you can really relax and get an aesthetic pleasure.

The road by car to the centre of Pattaya takes just 15 minutes, and is located within walking distance everything you need for a normal life - shops, restaurants, beauty salons, hospitals and prestigious schools, sports centers and banks.

Each house has its own swimming pool shimmering aquamarine, and interior design of the buyer will be chosen independently. Each cottage is designed for a full range of household livelihoods, so that you will not depend on anyone. The green lawns and fragrance gardens conveniently located complemented views from the spacious terrace. Modern security system will be day and night stand guard your interests. All cottages sold in a ready state so that after the transaction, you can immediately enter your wonderful new home.

Having bought the house in the village of Mountain-village, you can forget about the problem of bad water - every individual houses adjoining the site is located well. The surrounding nature is not affected by the disasters of technological civilization, so crystal clear air will also become the benefit of your life. The green area around so much that sometimes it seems that you are inside a tropical flower or plant. This lavish floral splendor of the landscape can not be found either in Western Europe or in the United States.

The famous proverb of successful realtors says: "Buy land – God no longer creates it!" Real estate in Mountain Village is not just a highly liquid Thai land - this purchase provides an ideal setting for a comfortable stay, allowing every day to enjoy the surrounding reality. Create your own unique world of subtlety of an exotic environment, which will be the new starting point of your life!

Mountain Village 2 consists of 33 houses (Luxury Villas), made according to unique architectural projects in a contemporary style and includes 4 types of villas:

  • A - one-storey Villa with two bedrooms, (116 m2)
  • B  - one-storey Villa with three bedrooms, (335 m2)
  • C - one-storey Villa with four bedrooms, (355 m2)
  • D - two-storey Villa with five bedrooms, (385 m2) 

All the villas in the village of Mountain Village shall be turnkey, fully finished internal and the territory of the installed equipment. And each house has a swimming pool, reliable security system and well-maintained garden terrace. The buyer will have the right to select an interior of the house, services of the designer to create a unique style.




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