Wong Amat Tower (Вонг Амат, Паттайя)

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Wong Amat Tower
ОТ 3 600 000 THB — ДО 10 900 000 THB
Застройщик: Heights Holdings
Вэб-сайт: www.wongamattower.com
Район: Вонг Амат, Паттайя
Всего корпусов: 1
Начало работ: 1 кв. 2012
Всего этажей: 38
Всего квартир: 361
The soaring atrium reaches to an awe-inspiring 13 meter high ceiling, allowing the first residential floor to begin at 15 meters above sea level. Every balcony is presented with an uncompromised, wondrous view of the Gulf of Siam. The lowest apartment starting at 15 meters above sea level offers a perspective that will delight the owners of this unique offering to the Pattaya beachside property market.

Inside your apartment you are surrounded by beauty and finesse – from the large wooden doors to the huge glass curtain walls, from the stylish floors to the high ceilings; here you truly understand the meaning of a masterpiece.

Soaring many storeys higher the Duplex Penthouses with private roof-top pools offer an abundance of absolute luxury and refinement. Private elevators will whisk you directly to your door; no unannounced callers will ever darken your door step. If living in the clouds was possible then it would be here at `W` Tower, Wongamat where the sky meets the Ocean. This is truly a unique place, so peaceful yet right in close amidst the dynamic rhythm that represents Pattaya city.

The `W` Tower, Wongamat is fabulously positioned in a tranquil and protected environment and yet conveniently situated only minutes from downtown Pattaya.Picture a Tai chi practice at sun rise; a cold beer on the beach with your sand between your toes and gentle waves lapping at your ankles; enjoy the water while windsurfing, sailing or swimming; anything is possible at the `W` Tower.



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