DEL MARE Beachfront Condo BangSaray (Bang Saray, Pattaya)

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  • Type: High Rise
  • Status: Finished
DEL MARE Beachfront Condo BangSaray
FROM 2 705 000 THB — TO 54 375 000 THB
Location: Bang Saray, Pattaya
Total Buildings: 1
Construction Starts: 1Q 2014
Total Floors: 33
Completion: 4Q 2016
Total Units: 399

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DEL MARE BANGSARAY BEACHFRONT is a beachfront residence with tropical modern style blending with luxury natural resort feeling. The building is visible in all directions. Straight line structure is designed to represent the height and stable, together with rhythm and top crown in order to stand splendid and balanced.

We emphasize in every detail not only mountain views, city, and also beach using natural or pattern retrieving as factors in design as you can notice around swimming pool area. The designers also focus on fortune theory, notice from enormous building behind as for the mountain, and the river in front as represent for landscape, and also giant swimming pool.

Conceptual Design

The conception to design the building and interior decoration- the designers emphasize on indoor feeling, and also focus on the most common benefits with tropical modern style harmonize with exterior decoration. More emphasizes on resort living style than using wooden decoration with wall and floors. Warm light structure is smoothly visible, relaxed, and to build up warm for residences. LED lights are used in this project to be responsible for social and environment. Room has been designed with fully equipped, especially opened and wide windows view feeling absolutely windy and fresh outdoors.

Location of Del Mare Beachfront Condo

The New prime location of Bangsaray. Only 16 kilometers from Pattaya that you will touch with still nature and elegant beach hiding peace in Bangsaray. The beach has been developed to become an attractive place to visit. It is also well known and most popular place both Thai and foreigners like to travel consecutively.

Together with completely public utilities- the most luxury lobby lounge with internet WiFi.

Large front infinity end edge swimming pool with water park feeling covers with woods providing ultimate natural feeling. Pool bar and sun bed are included as a feeling to take sun bathing in the afternoon.

Enjoy with gardens around the project as another relaxed resident corner that you can afford to feel relaxed with nature with your lovers or family any time.

To whom that prefer exercising, we also provide tennis court at the top of parking area's building or you can do indoor exercising at fitness zone.

Minimize the world with fully entertainment, such as cable TV and satellite TV.

More than 50 percentages car park within the project is to increase more comfortable for our residences.

24 hours security systems with modern multi-lock room with security camera, and also security guards.



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