Centric Sea Pattaya (Central Pattaya)

  • Condos
  • Type: High Rise
  • Status: Finished
Centric Sea Pattaya
FROM 2 200 000 THB — TO 5 000 000 THB
Developer: SC Asset
Location: Central Pattaya
Total Buildings: 3
Total Floors: A=44, B=32, C=7
Completion: 3Q 2015
Total Units: 999 units in 3 buildings
Centric Sea Pattaya (เซ็นทริค ซี พัทยา) comprises of three buildings, building A which is 44 stories tall with 451 units, building B which is 32 stories tall with 463 units and building C with 7 stories and 85 units, the whole project comprises of 999 units.

One-bedroom units are ranging from 27.50 – 40.50 sqm, two-bedroom units are ranging from 57.50 – 67.60 sqm and finally the three-bedroom units have a size of 96.60 sqm.

One-bedroom units with a size of 27.50 sqm is available for as little as 1.9 MB, that is rather surprising for such a good location. A very good price for an inner city condo, I recommend the readers to buy, buy more than one unit. Buy a lot. Two-bedroom units with a size of 60 sqm will cost from 4 – 5 MB, that is also a good price considering the location.

The apartments come fully furnished with a price of around 70.000 baht per square meter. Prices in Pattaya are considerably lower than in Bangkok, I can only recommend to buy.



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